The Novel that Wrote Itself

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 "Lovely - heart warming. Seems like a philosophy to me."
Victoria M - Peru

"Wow!!! I love that story and all it has to offer. Closer to it all then we both know, as these have been my thoughts before as well. What a great play this would make. I will buy it this Christmas and send it to many for presents."
Paul B - Costa Rica

"It was such a treat to read, thank you for writing it.  I love how you took all these different ideas for how humanity can better itself and packaged it into a novel.  It's just oozing with hope and inspiration, thanks for putting that out into the world.  With any luck humans can actually live up to that future.  Seems razor thin whether we can pull it off, but the game isn't over yet so I've still got hope. Thanks again for the wonderful read.  It's certainly provided me with some wonderful things to think about and some needed inspiration."
Sterling C - Vietnam

"I finally found time to read Like Raindrops on Water while on holiday. I really enjoyed it! It has left me hanging for the follow up. I'm keen to find out what Jonathon and Maribel encounter on returning to the city. You have an engaging style which is great for part-time readers such as myself. Thank you."
Simon B - Australia

"A utopian manifesto, set in a futuristic fictional format. An uplifting relief from the usual doomsday sci-fi, while calling for a change of hearts and minds."
Earling G - Argentina

Like Raindrops on Water

[Following is the official review of "Like Raindrops on Water".] **** 4 out of 4 stars ****

Like Raindrops on Water takes place in a restorative futuristic version of our very earth that would be any environmentalist's dream. Join Molly and Jonathan as they embark on a risky adventure deep into the depths of the mighty Amazon to discover its secrets hidden within.

The earth as we know it, a world that once “had been set on destruction”, is now just a distant memory of the past. There was a change in the hearts of humanity, a “quiet change in the energy shifts in the world” that “spread like raindrops on water that ripple out gently”, and brought about a new way of living life that benefited mankind on a global scale. Molly, a youthful spirited 105 year old woman with an undying taste for adventure, shares the tales of times of “old” with Jonathan, her good friend who is intently curious about what the past was like, revealing just how much life for humans has ultimately improved for the better, at last. But when Molly discovers that her dear pioneer friend, Linorio, has vanished, will she and Jonathan dare to venture deep into the mystical jungles of the vast Amazon to fearlessly find the answers they are seeking?

Author Jann DiPaolo's first hand experience living in the deep Peruvian Amazon jungle greatly shines through in the vivid imagery she portrays throughout the book, which makes the reader feel as if they were right there trekking through the Amazon themselves, right alongside the main characters fending off mythical jungle creatures and treading the murky waters. Prepare yourself to be taken on a riveting quest and delve into a unique vision of future earth so incredible it will leave you longing for the global change depicted in the book to become a reality here and now.

The revolutionary, innovative and cutting edge technological advances that planet earth underwent in this book are described in such depth by the skilled author that it can practically be seen in one's mind's eye. The detailed concepts of planetary change within it are genius; global advancements that I can only dream of coming true in my day. That coupled with the steady use of strongly descriptive phrases and an uplifting tone consistently felt throughout renders this a compelling story of love, life, hope, and the “darkness and light” within us all, that I would highly recommend.

This book would be especially suited for those who are environmentally aware and yearn for positive global impact that would benefit future generations to come. It is a well written, vivid visionaries tale and epic journey. I rate this book 4 out of 4 stars.  Click here to see the Online Bookclub Review