Like Raindrops on Water

A Novel
by Jann DiPaolo

Copyright Jann DiPaolo. All rights reserved. 

Jonathan is a young man with a fascination for how things were, before the world changed. Molly, who at 105 is more than 80 years older than her dear friend, is a constant source of information for him.

When Linorio, Molly’s long-time friend disappears, Molly and Jonathan go in search of him. Their journey takes them to a remote and desolate part of the Peruvian Amazon. Against the magical backdrop of the jungle, they discover that even in the new utopia the human battle with dark forces goes on.

Through their friendship and adventures, we see an alternative view of how things could be. We look at a new future of the world with a unique, optimistic and topical vision. Asking the big questions and outlining answers; how can we fix our world, how can this happen and will the changes be enough?

Like Raindrops on Water, unlike much fiction set in the future, crackles with positivity and hope. Covering environmental issues, threats to the rainforest and deep human relationships, it takes a bold new look at what could be possible for our world.

This work could not be better timed! As cracks are appearing in today’s consumerist edifice, and political apathy is widespread, DiPaolo paints a compelling and inspiring vision, based on a philosophy where the cult of endless consumption is replaced by real human values and respect for the earth.

For us in the early 21st century, the story is a beacon of hope for the possibility of a better life for all of us, a chance to re-imagine everything. It is also a reminder of what can happen when we stop being vigilant, and when we take things for granted.