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As strange as it sounds, Like Raindrops on Water wrote itself.

Many of the characters and ideas arrived during Ayahuasca ceremonies. The story line arrived while working with the sacred Andean coca leaves (not to be confused with the cola drink or the white powder derived from these mystical leaves). And the jungle adventure was delivered by the magic of the Peruvian Amazon which breathes inspiration with every gust of air.

It came together as a collaboration of a group of friends from around the world, each adding their own special input. At one time it was even being edited by candle light, in a hut, in the middle of the Amazon jungle! My part was to coordinate the things that happened, and to bring it into being, for you to read.

And here is what Like Raindrops on Water is about …..
Jonathan is a young man with a fascination for how things were, before the world changed. Molly, who at 105 is more than 80 years older than her dear friend, is a constant source of information for him.

When Linorio, Molly’s long-time friend disappears, Molly and Jonathan go in search of him. Their journey takes them to a remote and desolate part of the Peruvian Amazon. Against the magical backdrop of the jungle, they discover that, even in the new utopia, the human battle with dark forces goes on.

Through their friendship and adventures, we see an alternative view of how things could be. We look at a new future of the world with a unique, optimistic and topical vision. Asking the big questions and outlining answers; how can we fix our world, how can this happen, and will the changes be enough?


The Novel that Wrote Itself

Like Raindrops on Water